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Fix Mailchimp Button Missing on WordPress

Setting up an email newsletter subscription form may be a headache to beginners. Mailchimp is a good email marketing tool. Mailchimp provides Embed code for wordpress sites. But on some sites, the submit button won’t show. Here is a simple fix you can apply to fix the mailchimp button visibility issue.

Why is it happening?

It happens because of the css class applied to the submit button. For a normal subscription form, the submit button code would be like the following:

<div class="clear">
<input type="submit" value="Subscribe" name="subscribe" id="mc-embedded-subscribe" class="button">

You can see that there is a css class named clear applied to the div element that wraps the button. It is causing the issue on wordpress sites.

Fix it!

Alter the code to look like the following. This should fix the issue for sure.

<div style="clear:both;">
<input type="submit" value="Subscribe" name="subscribe" id="mc-embedded-subscribe" class="button">

Hope it helps! If this fix didnt work, please let me know and I will fix it for you!

Saifudheen is a young entrepreneur from the great India who founded MakTal™. He is a passionate designer, color lover, coder and knowledge giver ;)