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Best WordPress Backup Plugin

You can do anything in your wordpress admin panel, thanks to plugin developers! There are a lot of plugins that help you to take wordpress backup without much effort. This Plugin is really easy to use and there is no signup or such headaches to get your wordpress backup! In this post, we are going to understand how to take the backup using BackUpWordpress, the best wordpress backup plugin!

Step 1: Install BackUpWordpress

Go to Plugins –> Add New and search for BackUpWordpress. Install the plugin and activate it.

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Step 2: Go to WordPress Backup Plugin

Once you have activated the plugin, go to Tools –> Backups
wordpress backup plugin

You can see that you are landed on Database backup tab. If you need only database backup, click on Run now. Once the backup is made, the page will be refreshed automatically and you will see the new backup file below. Click on Download button to save the database to your PC.

If you need to get the complete wordpress backup including files and database, click on Complete Weekly tab. Click on Run now to create the backup. Once you have downloaded the backup file, extract the compressed folder and you will see all files of your site. Also your database backup will be in the root folder with .sql extension.

The plugin also allows you to take scheduled backups! Just click on settings under Complete Weekly Tab and you will see the configuration for scheduled backups.

Important: Once you have downloaded the backup, you can delete it from the server. If you have configured scheduled backups, you can delete older backups on the site to save disk space.