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Website Performance Optimization

website optimization

Is your website performing well?

Your website’s performance is affected by a lot of factors. When your website takes too much time to load, visitors will be irritated and they will leave your site. Before contacting me for Performance Optimization Service, lets take a look at things that affect a website’s performance.

Factors that slow down a website

There are so many things that affect a website’s performance. I have noted some important things in short so that you can understand them easily.

1. Poor Choice of Web Host

If you are hosting your website for a very cheap price, you are probably in trouble. You need to be aware that when a web hosting price is too low, their technologies will be limited too.

2. Third Party Scripts and Ads

If you are running third party ads or other scripts on your website, it can affect the performance too.

3. Having too Many Plugins and Widgets

Just check your website’s admin panel and see how many plugins are there! Plugins can be a curse when you use too many of them. Also configuring too many widgets will affect your website’s speed.

4. Large Images and Graphics

Websites are not perfect without images, But when you are using large images and videos on your site, browser takes too much time to download them; especially when the visitor is having a poor internet connection.

5. Website Caching not Configured

Website caching will be helpful to increase website’s speed as the server will store a cached version of files for a certain amount time. When someone visits your website, server loads the files from its cache which will be much faster than before.

Website Speed Optimization Service

Let’s talk business now! My free service include following things.

  • Professional Speed Analysis
  • Speed Optimization
  • Graphics Optimization
  • Website scripts and Third party scripts Optimization.
  • Free Website Migration if the host needs to be changed.
  • Browser Caching
  • Enabling Gzip Compression
  • Minimize plugins and widgets.

If you would like to order Website Performance Optimization Service, please do Contact me.