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How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue

WordPress has a decent built-in mailing script which works great on most servers. But on some servers, the website won’t send emails out. In this post, I will tell you how to fix WordPress Not Sending Emails issue.

Why is WordPress not sending Emails?

Some servers do not work well with wordpress built-in mailer. WordPress built-in mailer uses some special methods to send out emails. In some servers, this method may fail due to authentication and security issues. To technically say, normal PHP mail() function is not working with your server because of the server security settings. Sometimes basic wordpress emails may work. But emails associated with plugins such as woocommerce, contact forms etc won’t work well. There is nothing much to worry about it because it is normal! Now lets see how to fix the issue.

Use WP Mail SMTP plugin

Install WP Mail SMTP plugin. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, go to Settings–>Email.
wp mail smtp

First you have to configure your from address and Name. Its really simple and important, make sure that you enter a valid email. Now scroll down and you will see SMTP configuration fields. This is the most important step.

Get your SMTP details for the email address you specified in the From Email box. It can be collected from your hosting account. If you are using third party SMTP, you can collect it from their website. Its not recommended to go for paid SMTP packages as long as your server’s SMTP works fine. Once you have done entering details, you can save changes. Now all of your outgoing emails will be sent using SMTP.


  • It is recommeded to use SSL settings for SMTP
  • You can contact your host support team if you dont know how to get your SMTP details