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How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue

WordPress has a decent built-in mailing script which works great on most servers. But on some servers, the website won’t send emails out. In this post, I will tell you how to fix WordPress Not Sending Emails issue. Why is WordPress not sending Emails? Some servers do not work well with wordpress built-in mailer. WordPress…


How to Fix WordPress error 403 Issue

You may have seen wordpress 403 error or 403 forbidden error when you browse some parts of the dashboard or even the main site. It may lead you to a lot of confusions. In this post, I will tell you how to fix error 403 issue on wordpress. Why do I see error 403? In…


Fix Mailchimp Button Missing on WordPress

Setting up an email newsletter subscription form may be a headache to beginners. Mailchimp is a good email marketing tool. Mailchimp provides Embed code for wordpress sites. But on some sites, the submit button won’t show. Here is a simple fix you can apply to fix the mailchimp button visibility issue. Why is it happening?…


Transfer or Migrate WordPress Site to New Host

Migrating wordpress site to a new host can be a nightmare to most people. But the truth is that its very simple if you can read this post completely. WordPress migration process won’t take more than 30 minutes. In this post, you are going to migrate wordpress site to a new host. Let’s begin! Step…


Best WordPress Backup Plugin

You can do anything in your wordpress admin panel, thanks to plugin developers! There are a lot of plugins that help you to take wordpress backup without much effort. This Plugin is really easy to use and there is no signup or such headaches to get your wordpress backup! In this post, we are going…


How to Optimize WooCommerce Checkout pages for Mobiles

WooCommerce is the best eCommerce plugin for wordpress. It comes with a lot of features to run an online shop without much efforts. Some wordpress themes are not wooCommerce friendly or simply not responsive. If you are using a wordpress theme that is not wooCommerce friendly, you may experience issues in layouts. wooCommerce Cart and…


How to Add Custom CSS to WordPress

Nobody will get a perfect wordpress theme matching their needs. Its possible to change CSS styles to adjust theme layout according to our needs. Most people modify their theme’s stylesheet to make these customizations. If your theme gets updated, you may lose the changes you made. In this case, you may want to create a…


How to Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection on WordPress

WordPress is a good open-source blogging platform which can sometimes lead you into troubles. When you get an error saying “Error establishing database connection!”, there is nothing to worry. It should be a silly issue that we can easily fix in a few minutes. What is this issue? It simply means that wordpress couldn’t connect…


How to Fix WordPress Page Not Found 404 Error

WordPress 404 Page Not Found Error may occur due to several reasons. May be you have migrated your host, edited files or some malicious codes were inserted by hackers!  In this post, I will tell you how to fix 404 Error pages on wordpress. Note: Before following any steps in this article, you have to…