Saifudheen is a young Entrepreneur from Kerala, India who founded MakTal™. This blog aims at helping individuals and businesses with the knowledge he gained throughout his career. Like his facebook page to stay updated.
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How to Build a Website in 4 Steps: Beginner’s Guide

A website can be helpful in promoting your business or you can even start a blog to post things you love. A normal website can represent a business, band, individual etc. A blog is a website where the content is updated regularly or in an interval. To be clear, this website is a blog. Building…


How to Add Floating Like Box on Your Website

Everyone wants to make their website stand better than others! This tutorial will help you add a floating like box on your website. Basically it is a Floating HTML DIV. You can include like box, subscription form or even ads in the floating DIV. Floating Like Box DEMO Before you get into the coding part,…


CSS Colors and CSS Color Codes to Use on Your Website

Today everyone is looking for nice css colors to use on their website. Nice css colors make your website look modern and up to date. This post contains some nice and modern looking css colors and color codes so that you can easily use them. color codes are HEX format. If you want to use…