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How to Build a Website in 4 Steps: Beginner’s Guide

steps to build a website

A website can be helpful in promoting your business or you can even start a blog to post things you love. A normal website can represent a business, band, individual etc. A blog is a website where the content is updated regularly or in an interval. To be clear, this website is a blog. Building a website is now becoming really easy, thanks to the technology! Before you start, I would like to tell you that this is a complete Beginner’s guide. If you are a beginner, you will be wondering about the steps to build a simple website. Now let’s build a website 🙂

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name

You may have heard the term ‘Domain Name’ many times. A domain name represents the address of a website, for example is the domain name for this blog. When you register a domain name, it becomes available for everyone to view, but the administration panel will be available only to the owner, that is you! Buying a domain name is really easy. You can get a domain name from any domain registrar. Nowadays most web hosting companies give you a free domain when you purchase their hosting package. Now there is a new term – web hosting! Let’s discuss it in the next step. I suggest you to skip Step 1 as we are going to get a domain name for free! Let’s move on.

Step 2: Choose a web hosting

A web hosting package gives us a space for keeping our website files, databases, emails etc. There are so many web hosting companies offering wide range of packages. Choosing the right web hosting package should be done well. Here is a small idea.

  • Simple Website – Shared Hosting
  • Medium Website – Shared Hosting with more storage and resources
  • Large Website with medium or large traffic – Cloud Hosting
  • Large website with very large traffic – Dedicated Server

You should also consider features, price and security when choosing a web host. I have put a list of best web hosting companies from my experience. I suggest SiteGround and iPage as they are really good at their service. When you purchase a hosting package, you may get a free domain and you can save money.

Step3 : Point Domain to Hosting

If you have got the hosting and domain name from the same place, you will not need to do this. If you have got domain name and hosting from different companies, you should do this step. Login to your hosting control panel and find Nameservers for the hosting package. You may also contact their support team to find out nameservers. They are mostly in the following format.

Once you have got the nameservers for your hosting, login to your domain control panel and navigate to DNS management section. Now you can enter the new nameservers here. You may also contact domain company support team to help you in changing the DNS. Once you have successfully changed the DNS, it will take upto 24 hours for the changes to take effect. Once it has been done, when you enter your domain name to browser bar, it will show the files in your hosting package. It is that simple!

Step 4: Build the website

Now lets do the final step of building your website! Some hosting packages give you free website builder. It allows you to design your website using drag and drop tools. To consider future developments on your website, it is best to use a CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress. When you use Website builder, it is not easy to do future developments, hosting migration etc. Many hosting companies provide one-click wordpress install option. If you do not have it, you can manually install it.

Once you have installed wordpress, you can change the design of your website by going to Appearance –> Themes and make use of tons of free themes available there. If you want to go for a premium theme with good support, you may check Themeforest Marketplace. There are thousands of high quality themes that are easy to use.

Now you have a nice website, Congrats! If you have any questions or need my help, please do contact me 🙂